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The Bracelet Trend

bracelet colors handmade

"Whether they are bright colors or dark colors, they usually complement the wearer."

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When Handmade is Always Better

bracelet color colors earrings handmade jewelry necklace one-of-a-kind Pink red

Wikipedia's definition of handmade jewelry is "jewelry which has been assembled and formed by hand rather than through the use of machines".  Visualize Can you visualize a jeweler making a necklace or bracelet? What comes to mind? The selection of the color, the type of material, the shape, the finished fit?  What will the finished product be called?  Will someone like or fall in love with the piece?   How it's done D-Nadz Jewelry designs with the wearer in mind.  Our Red Glory and Lula were hand-made with stones, beads, chain, and clasps - chosen to complement each piece of material used.  Each stone must give that 'yes'...

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Coordinate your Attire With The Color Chart

color colors

So it's fall/autumn.  You notice the change of foliage from green to yellow, orange, and brown.  When you look at these colors in their natural state, you get the warm feeling of nature and more

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Spring into Color For A Re-birth

color colors spring Spring time

It's spring time! It's April, the month of diamonds. The time for re-birth, the beginning of new growth.  We welcome the more

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