What do You Know about Green Turquoise?

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We learn something new every day; but what is even more exciting is discovering life's treasures while just going through our daily routines.

While shopping for inventory one day, I came across some beautiful stones that I thought were Jasper.  Eventually, I found out that they belong to the Turquoise family of gemstones.

Green Turquoise, a subtype of the Turquoise family is indeed a rarity and can be found in a few areas around the world. Mongolia and Egypt's turquoise deposits especially are known to occur more green than blue. http://www.gemselect.com/other-info/green-turquoise.php


I added this turquoise treasure to the D-Nadz Jewelry collection.  The new handmade bracelets are fabulous and gorgeous.  I made the double bracelets to show the beauty of the two together.  The stones are easy on the eyes and the outcome chic.  You can appreciate the art of expression and love put into our collection.  When you wear them, you will experience "the feel good jewelry" look.

Discover Green Turquoise at D-Nadz Jewelry on the web: https://www.dnadzjewelry.com or contact us by email: dnadzjewels@gmail.com.

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Author: Nadine Dillon, Owner/Designer

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