The Benefits of Wearing RED

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What is your first thought when you see RED?  Possible a traffic sign instructing you to STOPRED is used to signify important phases in our lives.

Valentine's Day

February 14 was Valentine's Day and RED was the dominant color of the day.  RED also signifies positivity, boldness, happiness, excitement and determination.  It also commands STOP, make the right decision.


Gemstones that are in the family of RED are: ruby, garnet, jade and tourmaline.

Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is not just to enhance your outfit; it's also a way to express how you feel.  It's an appreciation of the final product. So, choose from our collection of handmade jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and dangle earrings, to self express, complement and accessorize your outfit.

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Author: Nadine Dillon, Owner/Designer

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