The Beauty of the Hibiscus

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (sing along)  Before we bought the turkey, businesses began advertising and decorating, appealing to our senses of sight and sound. 

So what does this holiday celebration mean to you?  Do you ever sit with your family to discuss this question? 

Although it"s not all about getting gifts or giving gifts, through generosity, we are moved to remember the unfortunate individuals whom we pass daily on the streets or sit next to during our travels.  We think of ways to help and celebrate.

Different kinds of Celebration

Some celebrate by going to places of worship, some by going to a parade, some take pictures with Santa, and some witness the lighting of the Christmas tree.

We all celebrate in different ways.  One symbol of Christmas is the Hibiscus flower with its magnificent red bloom, like a smile on a face.  At least one plant is bought for my home during the holidays.

D-Nadz Jewelry has designed a Necklace and Dangle Earring set in red, gold, and black that signifies the Hibiscus.  It is a splendid and vibrant piece that will enhance your attire.

Our Special Offer

Be sure to take advantage of our special offer of 15% on purchases $30.00 and above from December 13 to December 23.  Enjoy "the feel good jewelry".

We wish you and yours a Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah! 

Author: Nadine Dillon, Owner/Designer

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