Is Pink One of Your Favorite Colors?

Amethyst Cancer Survivors Cat Eye Pink

What is your favorite color?

HAVE you ever been asked "What is your favorite color"?  I don’t  know about you but as the years add up I tend to have no favorite.  I have grown to enjoy and appreciate all or most colors.  However, who can resist the color pink.  We appreciate it with the coming of spring…the magnificent bloom of cherry blossoms.

Pink’s origin is from a flower named Pink of the Dianthus family.

PINK is also the color of shrimp and salmon, foods some of us love.  Fashion designer Elsa Schiaperalli introduced Hot Pink to the Western world of fashion in 1947.  Companies such as Victoria Secret, Mary Kay and T-Mobile use pink as their brand color.  Let’s not forget the American Cancer Society.  They also use pink which represents sensitivity and confidence.

SurV Dangle Earrings of Pink Cat Eye and Amethyst Stones


This coming Saturday, November 22, 2014, The Circle of Champions will present “Celebrating Survivors”, an event to honor survivors of cancer and other diseases as well as to spread awareness.  D-Nadz Jewelry is a sponsor of the event.  We wish Survivors of Cancer success,  perseverance and continued good health.

By the way, WHAT is your favorite color?

Author: Nadine Dillon, Owner/Designer

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